Who We Are

Florida Prisoner Solidarity (FPS) is a carceral abolitionist collective with membership expanding across the state, both inside and outside prisons. Our efforts are focused around the needs of all incarcerated individuals, their care networks, and the people in community with them.

We believe the tendrils of the prison do not stop at its walls, they snake out through the bars and embed themselves in every aspect of our community’s freeworld lives. Our work occupies all of those spaces while continuing to center the voices of those most directly impacted. We see all forms of incarceration as a direct result of white supremacy, capitalism, and empire. 

We’re in this until every cage is emptied.

Points of Unity

First and foremost, we are abolitionists that seek a world without prisons, police, or borders. 

All of the work we do is prisoner and solidarity-centered, steered by the organizing power and agency of our comrades inside.

We are committed to centering the experiences and testimonies of our most marginalized comrades inside, specifically Black, Brown, Indigenous, LGBTQ+, the disabled, and those with mental health conditions. 

Our collective efforts are guided by the practices of transformative justice and accountability. 

Our organizing is autonomous, horizontal, and decentralized. We practice collective decision making and all comrades are given an equal say. No one individual is irreplaceable in this work. 

We are consistently growing, expanding, and revisiting our individual and collective strategies in response to the ever-evolving conditions of state repression.