Juneteenth: no freedom in sight

A celebration that is supposed to mark the end of slavery. A celebration that even the CIPWS (capitalist-imperialist patriarchist white supremacist) system and its plutocrat government have come to recognize. Even the very same parasitic corporations using consumerism and slave-waging workers have joined in on the celebration. The same corporations that are expropriating every ounce of profits generated off socialized production relations and the workers’ labor power are shouting “Happy Juneteenth.”

So how can we keep lying to ourselves and our children by claiming that slavery is over while we, every worker, continue to live inside the reality that slavery has not been abolished? It has only changed forms. It went from being called “chattel slavery” to “corporate wage slavery” if you live in the bigger cage (society) and “institutional slavery” if you live in the smaller cage (prison).

How can we say that the 13th Amendment ended slavery when it clearly reads, “Neither slavery, nor involuntary servitude, except as punishment for crime…” In other words, if you are in prison, you are a slave, still 3/5s human. The state is fine maintaining its interest in using your body to guarantee labor and revenue, instead of prioritizing genuine rehabilitation.

How can we claim that slavery has been abolished while the sitting Governor of Florida is refusing to allow children to learn the true history of Amerikkka’s racism and use of chattel slavery as being state-sponsored and citizen-enforced? As he’s stated, “Slavery was a good thing,” trying to paint the image that Afrikan’s themselves benefited from being forced to build Amerikkka on stolen land and its economy on slavery.     

His statement is just as STINK as his name is pronounced in Creole or French.

How can we claim that slavery is abolished when we are still living in its authoritarian present? Plutocrats are still trying to Make Amerikkka Gross Again. Plutocrats are still banning books, just as Hitler had done upon taking office, which led to people being placed in concentration camps and ovens.

Freedom is nothing without books and egalitarianism. Afrikan slaves were prohibited from reading or learning how to read because knowledge led to liberation. Thus, education had to and still has to be controlled. 

Critiques and whole disciplines, such as The 1619 Project and Critical Race Theory, etc. that link the primary cause of slavery to capitalism and the state are hated and had to be banned to keep egalitarianism from being instilled in the mind of every child, regardless of race, bringing an end to the Amerikkklan mindset and replacing it with an egalitarian and genuine American one.

Juneteenth is now a federally celebrated “holiday” for the end of slavery while corporations and FDOC are holding prisoners hostage in the so-called state of Florida. Prisoners are having their ransom paid by their loved ones via canteen price gouging in exchange for the canteen companies paying FDOC $1 a day per prisoner. JPay is selling digital postage stamps to FDOC for .7¢, and FDOC is selling them back to prisoners and their loved ones for .39¢ each. Private medical contractors charge prisoners $5 co-pays to be seen, of which a share goes to FDOC. FDOC receives a share of every minute of every collect phone call made by prisoners. And FDOC collects state money to cage each prisoner, yet charges the individual person for that same cage. Do the math, with around 90,000 prisoners held in state operated cages, no one should ever claim that slavery is over.

Prisoners are working for free in food service, classification, maintenance, medical, laundry, house cleaning, inside grounds, outside grounds, etc., doing jobs that the FDOC would have to pay civilians at least minimum wage to do but instead force the labor from prisoners for free. Slavery is not over.

Convict leasing, now called “work camps,” are where prisoners work outside the gates at colleges, firehouses, hospitals, water treatment plants, waste management plants, DOT, etc., wherein these agencies give FDOC entire paychecks, of which the prisoners doing all the labor receives not even a penny, while FDOC is generating millions.

This is no different than our parents working for these parasitic corporations, making their owners rich while only receiving just enough to last till the next check, it’s called “wage slavery.” Then comes the government using workers’ taxes to do everything except provide basic needs (healthcare, childcare, education, affordable housing, etc.) to the workers who must pay taxes and still pay for those basic needs.

The only investment the plutocrat politicians make with the workers’ taxes is in wealthy communities, and with projects that are against the workers via the supply of the latest slave patrol cruisers, tactical gear, military hardware, and technology. All of which is being used to occupy our communities, that are intentionally made poor by plutocrat policy, intended to keep the workers working and the prisons filled to the max.

Yet here we are celebrating JUNETEENTH, no different than celebrating Independence Day every July 4th since 1776 while chattel slavery existed from 1619-1865. When looking into the present, we see the same contradiction happening with prisoner labor and “wage-slavery” while Amerikkka celebrates Juneteenth. We are celebrating JUNETEENTH and Independence Day only in words.

Someone just told me, “You should be happy; at least we are no longer under the whip.” He is too myopic to see that whips are no longer needed, all that is required now is to miseducate and starve the masses into following the carrot on the stick.

We were more aware when the whips were visible and physical, while now we’re fighting a carrot that is far more subjective and subliminal. The mental slavery of entire masses still exists and will continue to exist until the CIPWS and its miseducation system are abolished and replaced with a socialized egalitarian education system. Such a system instills collectivism and cooperation rather than individualism and competition, which leads to division and slavery of humans by humans.


6:16 PM