Javoney Roberts is Asking for Help

Javoney Roberts is asking for help from the community in raising $3000 in order to settle a lien that has been placed against his inmate trust account for legal and medical services. This lien prevents him from ever receiving ANY financial support from friends or family because the state automatically takes it! When prisoners attempt to access the courts, the state punishes them further by placing these liens against them for the cost of the proceedings, it serves to deter people from attempting to access justice.  This debt will follow Javoney beyond prison and a civil suit may be filed against him by the state upon release.  Because Florida’s prison system does not feed people well or enough and does not provide basic toiletries, not being able to receive any money to subsidize your diet or hygeine is an extreme hardship.  Please donate what you can so that Javoney can get rid of this legal debt and begin to meet his basic needs:

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