End Prison Slavery

End Prison Slavery

The enforced slave labor in the FDOC is a literal continuation of the old antebellum slave system, selectively enforced against people of color and the poor and based upon the 13th Amendment which only modified slavery at the end of the Civil War in 1865, to permit enslavement of those convicted of crimes.  It was under this reformed slavery that Blacks were targeted for re-enslavement and the FDOC was established three years later in 1868, which the FDOC proudly boasts on its seal.

-Kevin “Rashid” Johnson, Florida Prisoners Are Laying It Down

We are working toward a world without cages, borders, prisons, and police. We help expose and end slave labor in the form of work camp contracts with the local counties. We support disruption of systems of profit that put people in prison. We help get people out of cages directly. We educate community members about the system of incarceration. We support people in prison who are on strike. To join us, please see our contact information above. If you are or know someone who is currently incarcerated, we receive mail at 433 S. Main Street, Gainesville, FL 32601


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